Ways to GO GREEN for Earth Day and everyday!

We are always looking to save money and we should also be looking for ways to Go Green.  In celebration of Earth Day here’s some things you can do today and everyday to leave our planet in a better place.

  • RECYCLE. It’s never been easier to recycle than it is in this day and age.  We have recycle bins at our desks at the office of Gabriel Cosmetics.  We also print double-sided or re-use the other side for messages/notes. We have a great recycle program when you return 5 empty product containers you receive a free lipstick of your choice! We also use eco-friendly packaging, learn more here.
  • RECEIVE AND PAY BILLS ONLINEAt Gabriel Cosmetics we offer direct deposit to our employees, which saves paper and time.
  • GET RID OF PLASTIC BOTTLES.  At the office we have water coolers and cups and mugs that our employees can use in support of health and wellness as well as looking professional.
  • TURN WATER OFF WHEN NOT USING. When brushing your teeth don’t leave the water running.  Shut off and turn back on when you need to rinse.
  • RE-USABLE BAGS.  Gabriel Cosmetics has branded re-usable bags that our employees or customers can use for groceries, lunches, or whatever they choose!
  • GET RID OF JUNK MAIL. Want to get rid of up to 75% of unwanted mail?  Check out The Direct Marketing Association www.dmachoice.org.
  • ENERGY CONSCIOUS. Visit www.energystar.gov to search for energy-efficient options of light bulbs, tax credits, and appliances for your office or home.

Happy Earth Day!  We’re celebrating by giving our customers 20% off!

Earth Day

What do your brows say about you?

bold brow


I loved seeing Bold Brows on the spring runways! They frame the face and create a younger fresh look. The best way to achieve this look is with a creamy brow pencil, fill in sparse areas and extend out making sure to stay proportionate to your face. Once desired look is in place set with clear mascara. Check out some of our favorite beauty icons known for their beautiful brows.

This sparked the question, what your brows say about you?  Your eyebrows are the main attraction of your face and can completely change the shape of your face depending on how they are defined.  Check out what your brows could be saying about your personal style.

Thick bold brow = a woman with confidence (think Brooke Shields)

High arch brow = a woman who is intelligent and self-assured (think first lady Michelle Obama)

Thin brow = a woman who is fearless (think Pamela Anderson)

The perfect brow = a woman who is sexy and powerful (think Kim Kardashian)

The dramatic brow = a woman who knows what she wants which is to make a statement (think Fergie)

Sexy/Feminine brow = a woman who can spend a lot of time on maintenance (think Megan Fox)

Fierce brow = a woman who is detail-oriented (think Jennifer Lopez)

Unique brow = a woman who is independent and not afraid to go against the grain (think Camilla Belle)

Barely there brow = a woman who is elegant and natural (think Gwyneth Paltrow)

Show us your bold brow and tag #boldbrow #zuzuluxe

The Oceanid Collection Makeup Tutorial

Shop here http://www.gabrielcosmeticsinc.com/index.cfm/category/241/oceanid-collection.cfm
The Oceanid Collection is a myriad of eclectic shades drawing from the freshness of the spring season and the beauty and delicateness of the sea as the collective inspiration. The color palette embodies the movement, life and serenity of the sea with the empowerment of the Oceanids, the 3,000 daughters of the Titans according to Greek mythology.
Featuring 8 products, The Oceanid Collection is comprised of a variety of cosmetics from eye shadow to lip gloss, providing the perfect spring palette. Each product is infused with Gabriel’s signature formulation of all-natural, gluten free and vegan ingredients providing not only beautiful tones and textures, but a complete health conscious collection.

Prime Time

Haven’t we all complained about our makeup not lasting or smudging as the day goes on?  Or you have a special event like a wedding or prom? Primers are great because not only do they keep your makeup in place and looking fresh but they can also help to make the cosmetic shade more vibrant. A primer also helps even out the skin tone or cover up imperfections giving you the perfect canvas. Gabriel Cosmetics introduces two NEW primers by request and exclusively online.

Eye Primer

Eye Primer

Product: Eye Primer

Brand: Gabriel Color

Overview – Eye Primer turns your lids into a blank canvas that allows colors to stay truer and keeps shadows and liners looking vibrant and freshly applied morning till night.

Details & Usage – Use daily beneath your eye shadow to leave eyelids primed, smooth and even.

Key Ingredients & Properties – Added bonus, the Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil used in our eye primer works to reinforce collagen synthesis and delay skin wrinkling.

Directions for Application – Application does not get any easier; simply apply over entire eyelid with finger tips.

Availability and Pricing – GCI Online exclusive $13.55

Lip Primer

Lip Primer

Product: Lip Primer

Brand: Gabriel Color

Overview – Created to smooth, define, and prime lips for long-lasting color that won’t fade or feather.

Details & Usage – Wear moisture rich lip primer beneath lipsticks and glosses to create long-wearing lip color that won’t fade, stray, or feather.

Key Ingredients & Properties – Vitamin E enriched formula seals in moisture to ensure lips stay soft and supple.

Directions for Application – Apply over lips for maximum staying power.

Availability and Pricing – GCI Online exclusive $13.55