Tips on Mastering your Manicure.

Gabriel Nail Polish

As much fun as it to go to the salon to get your nails done, it can be an expensive treat.  Also they might not have a collection of non-toxic shades to choose from.  Here are some tips for the DIY manicure that will have people fooled into thinking they were professionally done! Tools you’ll need:

1. File Your Nails

Make sure that you are working with dry nails as wet nails can cause splitting. For a look that is elegant mirror the shape of your cuticle – rounded nails that extend just past the edge of your fingertip.

2. Soak Your Nails

Apply a hand cream like our White Seaweed Healing Hand & Body Lotion liberally to hands.  Then, soak nails in warm soapy water for about five minutes to soften cuticles.

3. Push Back Your Cuticles

Do not clip cuticles as this can cause infection. Push them back with a nail stone and trim only if you have a hangnail.

4. Apply a Basecoat

This will help the polish to go on smoother as well as lasting longer. Try Gabriel Base Coat that smooths ridges giving you the perfect foundation.

5. Brush On Two Coats Of Color

Use two thin layers of color, wait a couple of minutes between each hand.  Brush on polish using three strokes for each nail, on either side of the nail and then one swipe across the tip that will help to prevent chips.

6. Apply a Top Coat

Applying a top coat will help with drying time.  Don’t forget to swipe across the tip of each nail like you did with your color of choice. Gabriel’s Top Coat is key for a longer lasting manicure! Our Top Coat gives a shiny finish and protects the polish beneath.

7. Clean Up Any Smudges

No one is perfect so use an orange stick wrapped in cotton and dipped in polish remover to clean up any color that is where it shouldn’t be. On the road and don’t want to risk a leak by traveling with a bottle of remover?  Gabriel’s got you covered with his award-winning travel-friendly Nail Polish Remover Pads!

Want to know which shade is right for you ?  Here’s some tips on choosing the right shade for your skin tone:
Best Nail Color for Warm Skin Tones

Warmer skin tones should avoid colors with cool undertones.  Try using white-pink sheers, warm pinks, deep browns and corals with yellow undertones.

Best Nail Color for Cool Skin Tones

Cooler skin tones should look for shades with blue undertones.  If you’re lusting after a red color try a cool berry shade.  Stay clear of beige undertones and choose a pink with bluish undertones.

Best Nail Color for Olive Skin ToneIf you are lucky enough to have an olive complected skin tone a good contrast and pop of color is orange.  Shades that yellow based like brown-orange or orange-red are highly recommended.
Best Nail Color for Dark SkinDark skin tones look fabulous in creamy beige, warm browns, deep purple, and vivid pinks.  If you are concerned with your nail beds showing choose a polish that is darker than your nail bed.  If you must have a lighter shade try applying a white polish as your base.

We always love to see our fans nail creations.  Please send pictures to to be considered for use on our social media!

Happy Painting!


Your makeup based on your zodiak sign.

Admit it you like to sneak a peek at your daily horoscope. You don’t have to live your life by astrology but its fun sometimes to see how true it actually is.  Depending on when we were born and what sign we are born under gives us some insight into our personality, how others view us, as well as our personal style. Below I’ve listed the different elements and how they factor into the colors you choose to wear.

Fire Sign Makeup

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Your personality: Like fire itself, they can flare up when inspired, making them seem very passionate about life.

Your makeup style:  Fire signs lean toward brighter bold colors, such as red.
Try using ZuZu Luxe Starlet Lipstick to show off how fiery you are, while still being appropriate for daytime.

Air Sign Makeup

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)
Your personality: The gift of Air is flexibility, and their ability to experience life through many prisms.
Your makeup style:  Air signs lean toward more experimental makeup and more unique colors, such as purple or blue.
Try experimenting with ZuZu Luxe Calypso & Breeze Eye shadows for a look that’s as unique as you are.

Earth Sign Makeup

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) 
Your personality: They are oriented towards what is real and tend to blend in with their natural habitat.                                                   Your makeup style: Earth signs lean toward more of a natural expression of colors. More earth tones and neutral colors.
Try using Gabriel Color Chocolate Brown Eye shadow is an earthy warm chocolate-brown.

Water Sign Makeup

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)
Your personality: Water signs are attuned to waves of emotion, and often seem to have a built-in sonar for reading a mood.
Your makeup style: Water signs lean toward a more sensual and moist expression, like glosses or luminous colors that reflect light.
Try using Gabriel Color Champagne Lip gloss to add shimmer to lips making it look like light is coming off you.

Can you guess what my sign is?