Numerous studies have proven the rejuvenating and healing qualities of sea-derived ingredients, and Gabriel Organics is a pioneer in bringing these beneficial ingredients to you.

At the same time, Gabriel Organics uses 100% natural ingredients – plant oils, extracts from the sea, botanicals and never any harsh ingredients, or artificial preservatives, fragrances or colors.  As a result, our high quality products are non-allergenic and fragrance-free, ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Rosmarinus officinalis is a common ingredient that you will find in our Gabriel Organics Skin Care line. The name “Rosemary” is derived from Latin meaning dew of the sea, how fitting! This ingredient is rich in antioxidants providing skin with a multitude of benefits and improving skin quality. Other reasons why Gabriel Cosmetics uses rosemary in its skincare is because it increases micro-circulation, reduces inflammation, tightens pores and increases cell renewal, all why acting as a natural preservative.

In addition to promoting youthful skin, this herb is also known for having positive effects on your health. It contains substances that stimulates the immune system, improves digestion and increases circulation. Also it is pleasantly aromatic and has naturally antidepressant uplifting and balancing effects.

Rosemary also has a rich history as a medicinal herb, and at one point was even a symbol of love. What’s not to love?