Eye Shadow for your eye shape.

Eye Shapes

 Just as important as finding shades that are flattering for your lids is to understand your natural eye shape.  This will help you when applying your shadow and liner to fit your face.  Here are Gabriel’s tricks for each specific eye shape to make the most of that wink!

ALMOND EYES/UPTURNED EYES (think Angelina Jolie)

Most eye shadow techniques will work on this eye shape. The lower lid can look longer than the top lid. To make them appear more proportioned apply a pencil or dark shadow along the outer lower corner to bring down the lifted effect of the outer corner. Whatever look you’re achieving be sure to “mirror” the effect by swiping the colors along your bottom lash line.

 DEEP SET EYES (think Julianne Moore)

Set deeper in the skull with large eyes creates the illusion of a prominent brow bone. Brighten the lid by using a metallic peach (try ZuZu Luxe Casino) or neutral (try Gabriel Color Bone) and illuminate your brow bone with a shimmery shade.

 HOODED EYELIDS (think Blake Lively)

This is where an extra layer of skin droops over the crease, which in turn causes the lid to seem smaller.  Apply darker shadow over and out past the crease, drawing the focus upwards. Tightlining the top waterline will enlarge your eye shape and thicken your lash base (try using Gabriel Angle Brush).

 PROTRUDING EYE (think singer Mya)

This eye shape creates projected lids in the socket area. This shape gives you lots of area to work with. To keep this lid from overshadowing your look you’ll want to blend darker shades all over your eye. Smoky Eyes work best with this shape! Apply a thick liner along the upper lash and voila!

 CLOSE SET EYES (think Jennifer Aniston)

This is when you have less than one eyeball width apart. To create the look of more space, just add sparkling or frosty light shadows in the inner corners (try ZuZu Luxe Platinum).  Apply an extra dab of mascara to the outer corners of lashes to pull the focus outward.

 WIDE SET EYES (think singer Brandy)

Wide set eyes are when you have more than one eyeball width apart. Lessen the look of extra space by using a black liner as close to the inner tear duct as possible, on both top and bottom lash lines.  Swipe all of the lashes from mid eye towards your nose with a mascara comb (try using Gabriel Brow/Lash Brush).

 DOWNTURNED EYES (think Camilla Belle)

These eyes have a slight drop to them on the outer corners. This is a great shape for creating the perfect cat eye! Apply a liquid liner (try ZuZu Luxe Liquid Liner Raven) on the top lid and extend out and up at a 45 degree angle. This will create balance.

MONOLID (think model/actress Devon  Aoiki)

These lids are flat on the surface with not much of a crease or no crease.  You will want to create an illusion of dimension and define the brow bone with gradient eye shadows, dark to light. Start with the darkest color to the lash line, soft neutral in the middle and lightest at the brow bone.  Lastly curl your lashes for the added lift.









Numerous studies have proven the rejuvenating and healing qualities of sea-derived ingredients, and Gabriel Organics is a pioneer in bringing these beneficial ingredients to you.

At the same time, Gabriel Organics uses 100% natural ingredients – plant oils, extracts from the sea, botanicals and never any harsh ingredients, or artificial preservatives, fragrances or colors.  As a result, our high quality products are non-allergenic and fragrance-free, ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Rosmarinus officinalis is a common ingredient that you will find in our Gabriel Organics Skin Care line. The name “Rosemary” is derived from Latin meaning dew of the sea, how fitting! This ingredient is rich in antioxidants providing skin with a multitude of benefits and improving skin quality. Other reasons why Gabriel Cosmetics uses rosemary in its skincare is because it increases micro-circulation, reduces inflammation, tightens pores and increases cell renewal, all why acting as a natural preservative.

In addition to promoting youthful skin, this herb is also known for having positive effects on your health. It contains substances that stimulates the immune system, improves digestion and increases circulation. Also it is pleasantly aromatic and has naturally antidepressant uplifting and balancing effects.

Rosemary also has a rich history as a medicinal herb, and at one point was even a symbol of love. What’s not to love?



Smokey Eye Tutorial

Watch this Gabriel tutorial to get the smokey eye look. This is a great look to recreate for your New Year’s Eve festivities.


Gabriel Holiday Newsletter

Christmas Card
This is the most glamorous season of the year, I love dressing for the holiday parties and toasting the year with friends. My favorite tradition is handwriting each Christmas card I send out. When I write a name on the envelope I am reminded of a special moment shared. This year’s card is extra special as my sister Carmen drew the design, she took it to a new level and used all Gabriel Cosmetics to create the design.
I enjoy what I do and love being surrounded by the people on my team. I am beyond proud; they are the hardest working team out there! We opened our first Gabriel Boutique, launched 42 new items, updated our website, filmed 15 videos and still made sure you came first.
The personal interaction via social media has been amazing and a source of inspiration for so many of the products developed this year, all 42 of them! I am looking forward to expanding the brand, I have some exciting new makeup items I beyond excited to share! I am also working on something new to Gabriel Cosmetics, a product many of you have been requesting for years…stay tuned!
So let’s raise a glass to 2013 and for the year ahead for many more naturally beautiful moments together!
Wishing you all a lovely New Year!

Orion Eye Palette Tutorial


Eye Palette makeup tutorial using Orion from our new Celestial Collection.

Gabriel Premiere Boutique



All-natural, vegan, gluten free cosmetic brand reaches the community with premiere beauty boutique for luxury and affordable products and services



BELLEVUE, WA, (November 8, 2013) – Gabriel Cosmetics, INC. (Gabriel Cosmetics), a leader in all-natural and organic beauty products today announces the opening of their premiere beauty boutique, Gabriel in Redmond Town Center located in Redmond, Washington to be officially opened on November 16, 2013.

In an effort to share the brand’s all-natural philosophies and passion for classic, healthy beauty products, Gabriel will extend their artistic creativity to the Washington community. “Every designer’s dream is to open their own eponymous boutique, says founder and owner of Gabriel Cosmetics, Gabriel DeSantino. “Not only can we continue to advocate for all-natural, healthy products as we have internationally, but now we are reaching the community by offering boutique exclusives for loyal fans and the opportunity to enjoy the ‘Gabriel’ experience.”

The boutique will offer complimentary one-on-one makeup and skincare consultations as well as $35 makeup applications, which goes toward cosmetics to recreate your look at home. Store hours follow the Redmond Town Center hours: M-S 10:00am -8:00pm, Sunday 11:00am-7:pm. All four Gabriel Cosmetics collections (Gabriel Color, ZuZu Luxe, Clean Kids Naturally, and Gabriel Organics.) will be sold including gift sets and previous online exclusives. The Gabriel team will also test new products in-store, furthermore including the community in the creative process.

The space at Redmond Town Center was chosen for its clean, eco-friendly environment, which marries the Gabriel brand’s philosophies and over-all aesthetic. Located in the main section of the center, the space is minimalistic, yet inviting, creating a beauty haven adorned with ceiling to floor glass windows, which allows natural sunlight optimal for applying makeup. “We specifically chose Redmond Town Center for it’s outdoor shopping space, an environment that is sure to fit perfectly with the brand,” says Gabriel. “We invite the community to walk or bike up to our boutique for a little beauty pick-me-up.”

The Gabriel boutique, while first for the brand, will be a stepping stone to the future of Gabriel Cosmetics’ expansion; heading in a direction of providing all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and organic beauty products to local communities both in Washington and nationally.

At the opening on November 16, 2013, the Gabriel team will celebrate by providing special promotions including gift with purchase over $10, gift certificates valued at $60 for $40, free makeup applications with purchase of $35, and a special appearance by Gabriel DeSantino who will be doing makeup applications and hosting a ‘Tweet and Greet’ from 11-2pm. They will invite local fans and followers to stop by and receive 20% off products just by showing they are fans/followers. #gabrielopening will be used for all social media.

For more information, please visit www.gabrielcosmeticsinc.com and find us on Facebook and Twitter @gabrielboutique.

About Gabriel Cosmetics:
Gabriel Cosmetics was conceived and developed by Gabriel DeSantino, CEO and founder of Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. Gabriel Cosmetics products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or animal by-products. Their skincare is USDA/Organic and provides a wide range of skin health products custom to the individual’s needs. Their cosmetics are vegan and gluten-free and include both bold and classic color palettes, smooth application and a variety of essentials including brushes, cosmetic wipes, and nail polish.



The Products:

Gabriel developed his cosmetics to cater to women at every stage of her life. The Zuzu Luxe  collection was created for the bright-eyed beauty bohemian who craves color and is looking to make a statement while keeping her health in mind. Complete with flirty, edgy tones with a mixture of matte and shimmer, Zuzu Luxe is an all-natural, gluten free, vegan cosmetic line that gives a new definition to glamour. The Gabriel Color collection was designed with the discerning woman in mind who tends to choose more conservative, sophisticated styles. This collection is a delicate and refined vegan, gluten free cosmetic line made up of natural, earth tones and beautiful color palettes, which ultimately create mistake proof beauty. Clean Kids Naturally is an all-natural children’s personal care system that includes shampoo, detangler, foaming liquid soap, and bubble bath. Gabriel Cosmetics rounds out the collection with the foundation of the company, Gabriel Organics, USDA certified Organic; a system that harnesses the power of the sea including seaweed, fennel and minerals to create a system designed to regenerate and revitalize the health of the skin.

Happy Holidays from Gabriel Cosmetics!

Seasons greetings from Gabriel Cosmetics. We’re introducing the new 2013 Holiday Collections; Lip RX Kit, Celestial Eye Palettes (Andromeda, Orion, and Pegasus), Manicure Kit, Midnight Violet & Mermaid (coming soon) Mascaras. xo, Gabriel