Switch up your skin care regimen for fall.


Sadly summer is over but now is the perfect time to switch up your skin care regimen!  Summer took its toll on your skin while it saw the sun, sweat, salt water and chlorine.

First things first, for both body and face choose a different cleanser. You will want one that is gentle yet gives you a higher moisture level. Your skin is probably drier due to all the sun, sweat and chlorine.

Be aware that you should also exfoliate at least once a week. Some people think they need to scrub their face with a brush or washcloth.  We at Gabriel Cosmetics always believe that natural is best, so look for alternatives to a face scrub that contains synthetic micro beads. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells and allow bright, healthy skin to show through.

Now let’s discuss moisturizing. If your skin dries out during cold months, think about changing your moisturizer.  If it gets extremely dry during the colder seasons, start applying your moisturizer right before you sleep. Even if your skin type is oily you can benefit from moisturizer, just choose one made for that skin type.  For extra dry skin try using a hydrating mist for added moisture.

Lastly, drink plenty of water and protect your skin with sunscreen.  Your skin still needs protection even though it’s no longer summer time.

Give the extra love and attention that your skin deserves this fall and you’ll be thankful once winter hits!




Emmy Makeup Trends 2013

There were many great beauty moments at this year’s Emmys. Sporting the hottest trends of the season our favorite television stars took to the red carpet. We saw quite a few rising trends like the bob as well as chic ponytails and timeless looks like bright lip shades. We’re going to show you how to get the top three looks while reliving the red carpet!

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel
Photo Credit Robyn Beck / AFP/Getty Images

This look was inspired by a high-fashion version of a 1965 Vogue magazine cover.

Eyes: Cover the lids with ZuZu Luxe eye shadow in Casino. Contour only the crease of the lids with shadow in color – Vixen. Brush on black liquid liner Raven on the top lash line and bottom. Now don’t be shy with the mascara!!

Skin: Always use a concealer and give a natural glow with this gold highlighted bronzer D-28 by ZuZu Luxe.

Cheeks: Try our blush in Samba– I feel like that will look great on most skin tones.

Lips: I love the lip color Siren by ZuZu Luxe.

Claire Danes

Claire Danes
Photo Credit Getty Images


To achieve this look get “shimmery eyes” by mixing Platinum shadow all over from lashes to brow bones, concentrating color mostly on the inner corners and lids. Extend the shimmer past brows and use as a highlighter on cheekbones and temples. Next, line lashes with a black liquid liner like ZuZu Luxe Raven to thicken your lashes then comb through them with Onyx Mascara.

To offset the light-reflecting eyes and cheeks, be sure to keep the rest of the face matte. Moisturize skin (Gabriel Organics) and then apply an oil-free liquid foundation like ZuZu Luxe. Next, tap peachy Gabriel Cosmetics Apricot onto cheeks.

For those poppy lips, we recommend swiping on Coral Gabriel Cosmetics lipstick straight from the tube and perfecting the line with a lip brush. This statement lip is all the rage this fall.

Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi
Photo Credit Getty Images

We fell in love with this gorgeous look on the red carpet. This look was inspired by the German model Veruschka from the 70’s.  This look is more modern with soft blended bronzing, a pop of pastel to the eyes and a neutral lip. For this shimmery eye use ZuZu Luxe shadow in Dusk on eyelids and lining underneath the eye. To make your eyes pop like Padma’s use Prism on the inner eye.  For the retro lip look try Ultra Suede topped off with Gabriel Color Champagne lip gloss.


Get your Hollywood glamour on!



Celiac Disease and Gluten in Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics

The Secret To Mistake Proof Beauty 

ZuZu Luxe

ZuZu Luxe

Certified Gluten Free

If you have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease you probably are used to looking for gluten in your food, but what about your makeup?  Food labels almost always list whether or not it contains gluten, a type of protein found in wheat, barley and other grains. Packaging for your beauty products may not provide this important information.  Most mainstream cosmetic companies don’t provide gluten information on their packaging.

There are an estimated 2 million people in the United States with celiac disease. If they consume gluten, their immune systems attack villi structures that line your small intestine which are crucial for absorbing food nutrients. The only treatment is to avoid gluten.

Studies have shown that anyone sensitive to gluten could experience symptoms and reactions to makeup, skin care, and lotions that contain gluten. Consumers need to be aware of potential inadvertent gluten exposure. These products can be accidentally ingested in small quantities if the product is used on their hands or around their mouth. Gabriel Cosmetics and ZuZu Luxe are one of the first cosmetic companies to have their products Certified Gluten Free.  Not all labels list gluten even if it has a gluten based ingredient such as vitamin E.

So to ensure that you are getting a gluten free product, always purchase from a reputable company like Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. that communicates that we understand what gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease are and our commitment to providing these products free of gluten.  In conjunction with National Celiac Disease Awareness Day today we are offering 20% off of our products here using code glutenfree.



Nail Trend: Metallic Accents


Get The Look

1. Once your nails are groomed and before polishing, wipe nails with lint-free cotton pads and nail polish remover to prep nails for base coat.
2.  Apply Base Coat.
3.  Apply 2 to 3 coats of Poseidon.
4.  Use a fine tip paint brush to paint a triangle in Treasure Chest on one or all nails. If you do not have a paint brush you can create the shape with tape and fill in.
5.  Finish with Top Coat.

Rebel Palette by Gabriel Cosmetics

We are excited to launch our first palette…”Rebel” inspired by the grunge looks on the fall runways! Living in Seattle during the grunge movement who should know better to show you this look other than Gabriel Cosmetics? Let it be your deviant device to bring out your inner REBEL!!

Trends of the Teen Choice Awards

Did you catch The Teen Choice Awards?  We loved the beauty looks from beachy waves, peachy pouts, and smokey eyes with lashes for days! Here’s our top 5 picks from the blue carpet and how to steal the glam looks, while still being all natural and cruelty free.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez
Image via Steve Granitz/Wire Image

Selina’s look was very sophisticated and edgy.  Her hair was straight and sleek and she rocked a killer cat eye.  To achieve this look draw a strong winged line to upper lashes with ZuZu Luxe Raven Liquid Liner. Add two coats of ZuZu Luxe Onyx Mascara to lashes.  To complete the look curl and add false lashes!

Demi Lovato Credit: FilmMagic

Demi Lovato
Credit: Film Magic

Demi’s pompadour look was 80’s punk inspired.  The look was structured with a sexy smokey eye.  To achieve this look we suggest using ZuZu Luxe eye shadow in Gem.  To not draw attention away from the eyes, do a nude lip or light pink pucker.

Hailee Steinfeld Nail Art

Hailee Steinfeld
Credit: Film Magic

Hailee’s starry nail art matches her bold dress.  To create this fun look use Gabriel Color Nail Polish in Hibiscus as the base and Poseidon as the funky star-burst and pinky nail.

Brittany Snow Gabriel Salmon Lipstick

Brittany Snow
Getty Images

Brittany’s peachy pout looks amazing next to her green dress! Try Gabriel’s lipstick shade in Salmon to replicate the look.  To get your eyes to sparkle try using a gold shade like our ZuZu Luxe shadow used as a eyeliner in Egyptian Gold.

Naya Rivera ZuZu Luxe Bronzer and Kabuki Brush

Naya Rivera
Credit: WireImage

Want to radiate a sexy bronzed glow like Naya?  Apply ZuZu Luxe Bronzer with our Kabuki Brush for a fast and flawless finish! Choose from two fabulous shades, D-28 with golden undertones and D-32 with platinum undertones.

Experiment with these Hollywood looks and get your inner glam goddess on!



Tips on Mastering your Manicure.

Gabriel Nail Polish

As much fun as it to go to the salon to get your nails done, it can be an expensive treat.  Also they might not have a collection of non-toxic shades to choose from.  Here are some tips for the DIY manicure that will have people fooled into thinking they were professionally done! Tools you’ll need:

1. File Your Nails

Make sure that you are working with dry nails as wet nails can cause splitting. For a look that is elegant mirror the shape of your cuticle – rounded nails that extend just past the edge of your fingertip.

2. Soak Your Nails

Apply a hand cream like our White Seaweed Healing Hand & Body Lotion liberally to hands.  Then, soak nails in warm soapy water for about five minutes to soften cuticles.

3. Push Back Your Cuticles

Do not clip cuticles as this can cause infection. Push them back with a nail stone and trim only if you have a hangnail.

4. Apply a Basecoat

This will help the polish to go on smoother as well as lasting longer. Try Gabriel Base Coat that smooths ridges giving you the perfect foundation.

5. Brush On Two Coats Of Color

Use two thin layers of color, wait a couple of minutes between each hand.  Brush on polish using three strokes for each nail, on either side of the nail and then one swipe across the tip that will help to prevent chips.

6. Apply a Top Coat

Applying a top coat will help with drying time.  Don’t forget to swipe across the tip of each nail like you did with your color of choice. Gabriel’s Top Coat is key for a longer lasting manicure! Our Top Coat gives a shiny finish and protects the polish beneath.

7. Clean Up Any Smudges

No one is perfect so use an orange stick wrapped in cotton and dipped in polish remover to clean up any color that is where it shouldn’t be. On the road and don’t want to risk a leak by traveling with a bottle of remover?  Gabriel’s got you covered with his award-winning travel-friendly Nail Polish Remover Pads!

Want to know which shade is right for you ?  Here’s some tips on choosing the right shade for your skin tone:
Best Nail Color for Warm Skin Tones

Warmer skin tones should avoid colors with cool undertones.  Try using white-pink sheers, warm pinks, deep browns and corals with yellow undertones.

Best Nail Color for Cool Skin Tones

Cooler skin tones should look for shades with blue undertones.  If you’re lusting after a red color try a cool berry shade.  Stay clear of beige undertones and choose a pink with bluish undertones.

Best Nail Color for Olive Skin ToneIf you are lucky enough to have an olive complected skin tone a good contrast and pop of color is orange.  Shades that yellow based like brown-orange or orange-red are highly recommended.
Best Nail Color for Dark SkinDark skin tones look fabulous in creamy beige, warm browns, deep purple, and vivid pinks.  If you are concerned with your nail beds showing choose a polish that is darker than your nail bed.  If you must have a lighter shade try applying a white polish as your base.

We always love to see our fans nail creations.  Please send pictures to pr@gabrielcosmeticsinc.com to be considered for use on our social media!

Happy Painting!