Get This Spring Trend Look!

Norman Scott/startraksphoto

Norman Scott/startraksphoto

The trend for Spring 2013 is blue eye liner and blue eye shadow.  We love Rachel Zoe, did you see her blue eye liner on The Rachel Zoe Project?  Blue eye liner is amazing since it makes your eyes pop even if you don’t have blue eyes!  With so many different shades of blue the possibilities are endless.  The look couldn’t be easier to create. Try keeping your eye nude by using Platinum eye shadow and then line with liquid liner like our Azure.  If you’d rather use a pencil South Pacific or Ocean would do the trick as well!


For a look that makes you stand out from the crowd try using blue eye shadow this season.  Try blending several shades to build the look.  ZuZu Luxe’s Calypso and Breeze are used on the model above.  When trying this trend for yourself don’t be afraid to experiment with all different shades of blue (turquoise, navy, sapphire, cyan).  Remember the look is bright, bold and to make your eyes pop!

2013 New Year’s Resolutions


Image courtesy of James Barker







This year I would like to take the time to read more.  I enjoy reading hard cover books so that when I’m done I can add them to my collection.  The genre I currently enjoy reading is personal growth books.  On my nightstand I have “The 33 strategies of war” by Robert Greene.  Underneath that book I have the biography of Steve Jobs.  I also want to continue to be true to myself and my vision for Gabriel Cosmetics Inc.

2012 marked the 20th year anniversary of GCI. My team and I are looking forward on making this next year a truly remarkable one for GCI as we continue the “greening” of the cosmetic industry.  We will be rolling out some very innovative products that the natural products industry has not seen before and will continue to be on the cutting edge while staying true to our philosophy of using only the best ingredients possible.  So stay tuned!