Prime Time

Haven’t we all complained about our makeup not lasting or smudging as the day goes on?  Or you have a special event like a wedding or prom? Primers are great because not only do they keep your makeup in place and looking fresh but they can also help to make the cosmetic shade more vibrant. A primer also helps even out the skin tone or cover up imperfections giving you the perfect canvas. Gabriel Cosmetics introduces two NEW primers by request and exclusively online.

Eye Primer

Eye Primer

Product: Eye Primer

Brand: Gabriel Color

Overview – Eye Primer turns your lids into a blank canvas that allows colors to stay truer and keeps shadows and liners looking vibrant and freshly applied morning till night.

Details & Usage – Use daily beneath your eye shadow to leave eyelids primed, smooth and even.

Key Ingredients & Properties – Added bonus, the Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil used in our eye primer works to reinforce collagen synthesis and delay skin wrinkling.

Directions for Application – Application does not get any easier; simply apply over entire eyelid with finger tips.

Availability and Pricing – GCI Online exclusive $13.55

Lip Primer

Lip Primer

Product: Lip Primer

Brand: Gabriel Color

Overview – Created to smooth, define, and prime lips for long-lasting color that won’t fade or feather.

Details & Usage – Wear moisture rich lip primer beneath lipsticks and glosses to create long-wearing lip color that won’t fade, stray, or feather.

Key Ingredients & Properties – Vitamin E enriched formula seals in moisture to ensure lips stay soft and supple.

Directions for Application – Apply over lips for maximum staying power.

Availability and Pricing – GCI Online exclusive $13.55

Makeup Tips for your Fifties


1.     Brighten your eyes.  All women as we get older should use a little eyeliner.  Don’t go too thick and apply it above top lashes.  Or you can do a fine line and smudge it out (Gabriel Color Eye Liner $12.00/ZuZu Luxe Eye Liner $13.80).  For a softer look try using an eye shadow with angled brush along the lash line (Gabriel Eye Shadow $13.55/ZuZu Luxe Eye Shadow $15.25).

2.    Less is more lip liner.  Using too much lip liner has an aging effect that you want to avoid.  When choosing a lip liner go with a neutral shade (Gabriel Nutmeg Lip Liner $12.00/ZuZu Luxe Fresh or Innocence Lip Liner $13.80).

3.    Hint of color.  Glosses make lips look moist but after a certain age you want add some color to your lips.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match lipsticks with a lip gloss which will give lips a fuller effect (Gabriel Lipstick/Lip Gloss $16.75 and ZuZu Luxe Lipstick/Lip Gloss $18.15).

4.    Stick to natural.  Stay clear of shadows with glitter and metallic.  These frosted shades can cause the eyes to look more aged and wrinkled.  Stick to softer more natural eye shadow shades (Gabriel Color Eye Shadow $13.55).

5.    Contour to flatter.  Jaw line and neck can be problem areas for some of us.  Using a darker color (2-3 shades darker than foundation) to shadow and contour under the chin and onto neck.  Or you can use a highlighting color to lift the face by applying below bottom of cheek and above the jaw line (Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation $26.35/ZuZu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation $28.30).