Nail Trend: Metallic Accents


Get The Look

1. Once your nails are groomed and before polishing, wipe nails with lint-free cotton pads and nail polish remover to prep nails for base coat.
2.  Apply Base Coat.
3.  Apply 2 to 3 coats of Poseidon.
4.  Use a fine tip paint brush to paint a triangle in Treasure Chest on one or all nails. If you do not have a paint brush you can create the shape with tape and fill in.
5.  Finish with Top Coat.

Tips for healthy and strong nails.

Nail Polish Art

We all like to show off our nails on both our hands and feet. Summertime is especially important whether you are showing your feet in cute sandals at the beach or strappy heals at a wedding. There are so many fun nail art trends right now but you want to start with a good healthy strong base to show off these looks. Here’s 10 great tips to get you started!

Nail and Cuticle Conditioner

1.  Keep nails hydrated. Use Gabriel’s Nail & Cuticle Conditioner every evening before you go to bed or when your nails feel dry. Keep some in your purse so that you have it with you whenever you need it.  This blend of three natural oils and vitamin E provide intense therapy that penetrates deeply and quickly, softening the cuticle and promoting strong, flexible natural nails.

2.  Protect your nails from household chores. Wear gloves when you wash dishes or clean the bathroom. For hands that dry easily apply our White Seaweed Healing Hand and Body Lotion before you put your gloves on to keep them soft and supple.

3. Let your athletic shoes breathe. Ideally have more than one pair so you can switch out.  You want to avoid putting your feet into damp, sweaty shoes that can cause nasty fungal infections.

4. Push cuticles back. There is no need to cut them.  Be gentle when pushing back or the cuticle can become damaged and weaken the nail. Try pushing back after a shower or bath when they are soft.

5. File nails correctly. File nails in one direction to keep them strong as opposed to a back and forth motion. Never file after a shower or bath because they can break easier.

6. Make your nails strong. Make sure to get 300 micrograms of the B vitamin biotin four to six times a day for firmer, harder nails.  If you have brittle nails taking biotin should help to improve them.

7. Massage your nails. This will help them become strong and shiny. Buffing nails stimulates them to grow by increasing blood supply to the nail.

8. Polish your nails. Wearing polish helps to protect your nails. Choose a polish like Gabriel Nail Color that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and are toluene free, DBP free, Camphor free and Wheat & Gluten free.Don’t prefer color, using a clear coat like Gabriel Top Coat will still get the job done! Remove polish after 10 days otherwise it can end up drying your nails out.

9. Make your manicure last. Apply a top coat every day to keep your manicure looking fresh and lasting its longest!

10. Avoid polish removers with acetone or formaldehyde.  They are bad for you and dry out your nail bed.  Try using a gentle, conditioning and natural formula like our Nail Polish Remover Pads.  They also have a nice citrus scent!













Fun Photo!

Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you. Color: Treasure Chest. Look: Fabulous.