Gabriel’s Travel Essentials

My next trip to Europe take me to Rome, Florence and London.    One of my purposes of this trip is to see what new beauty innovations our European counter parts are doing and the other is to see the fabulous art!  I will be making daily posts of what I learn so make sure you check in often!  Traveling abroad is completely different than traveling in the US, so I thought I’d share some of my traveling trips that I’ve learned over the years.
Style – I like to look stylish and fresh from the time I board the plane to the moment I arrive at my destination.  I love a good pair of black fitted jeans (not too tight for long flights) and black V neck tee (or turtleneck) and noir cowboy boots that can easily slide on and off (think security check points!).  My scarf and signature ZZL beanie are a must!  The former keeps me warm during the flight and the latter makes sure my hair is presentable after napping during the flight.  Don’t forget your oversized lunettes de soleil which hide tired eyes.
Luggage:  I only take two carry ons; my computer bag (which besides holding my computer has last minute paperwork and magazines) and my back pack (which holds tickets, passport, organic sprouted almonds and BEAUTY ESSENTIALS).  Partial list to follow;
Moisturize – Flying and climate changes can dry out your skin; I always pack my Marine Anti Aging Cream (which doubles up as a luxurious hand treatment) and Lip RX to keep my skin and lips moisturized.
Skip the soft drinks and alcohol (as it is known to dehydrate your entire body) and indulge in plenty of water.  You will be on the ground soon and a cocktail bar not too far away to start your holiday!
Fresh – To freshen up I like to spritz our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist for a quick burst of hydration on my skin.  The fresh scent is welcomed after sitting in stale plane air or travelling long distances by car.
I can’t wait for Rome, Florence and London next month and enjoy a European lifestyle of champagne, facials and ART!
Be sure to check our Instagram for pics and visit Ask G for a complete list of my “Travel Beauty Essentials”.