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All-natural, vegan, gluten free cosmetic brand reaches the community with premiere beauty boutique for luxury and affordable products and services



BELLEVUE, WA, (November 8, 2013) – Gabriel Cosmetics, INC. (Gabriel Cosmetics), a leader in all-natural and organic beauty products today announces the opening of their premiere beauty boutique, Gabriel in Redmond Town Center located in Redmond, Washington to be officially opened on November 16, 2013.

In an effort to share the brand’s all-natural philosophies and passion for classic, healthy beauty products, Gabriel will extend their artistic creativity to the Washington community. “Every designer’s dream is to open their own eponymous boutique, says founder and owner of Gabriel Cosmetics, Gabriel DeSantino. “Not only can we continue to advocate for all-natural, healthy products as we have internationally, but now we are reaching the community by offering boutique exclusives for loyal fans and the opportunity to enjoy the ‘Gabriel’ experience.”

The boutique will offer complimentary one-on-one makeup and skincare consultations as well as $35 makeup applications, which goes toward cosmetics to recreate your look at home. Store hours follow the Redmond Town Center hours: M-S 10:00am -8:00pm, Sunday 11:00am-7:pm. All four Gabriel Cosmetics collections (Gabriel Color, ZuZu Luxe, Clean Kids Naturally, and Gabriel Organics.) will be sold including gift sets and previous online exclusives. The Gabriel team will also test new products in-store, furthermore including the community in the creative process.

The space at Redmond Town Center was chosen for its clean, eco-friendly environment, which marries the Gabriel brand’s philosophies and over-all aesthetic. Located in the main section of the center, the space is minimalistic, yet inviting, creating a beauty haven adorned with ceiling to floor glass windows, which allows natural sunlight optimal for applying makeup. “We specifically chose Redmond Town Center for it’s outdoor shopping space, an environment that is sure to fit perfectly with the brand,” says Gabriel. “We invite the community to walk or bike up to our boutique for a little beauty pick-me-up.”

The Gabriel boutique, while first for the brand, will be a stepping stone to the future of Gabriel Cosmetics’ expansion; heading in a direction of providing all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and organic beauty products to local communities both in Washington and nationally.

At the opening on November 16, 2013, the Gabriel team will celebrate by providing special promotions including gift with purchase over $10, gift certificates valued at $60 for $40, free makeup applications with purchase of $35, and a special appearance by Gabriel DeSantino who will be doing makeup applications and hosting a ‘Tweet and Greet’ from 11-2pm. They will invite local fans and followers to stop by and receive 20% off products just by showing they are fans/followers. #gabrielopening will be used for all social media.

For more information, please visit and find us on Facebook and Twitter @gabrielboutique.

About Gabriel Cosmetics:
Gabriel Cosmetics was conceived and developed by Gabriel DeSantino, CEO and founder of Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. Gabriel Cosmetics products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or animal by-products. Their skincare is USDA/Organic and provides a wide range of skin health products custom to the individual’s needs. Their cosmetics are vegan and gluten-free and include both bold and classic color palettes, smooth application and a variety of essentials including brushes, cosmetic wipes, and nail polish.



The Products:

Gabriel developed his cosmetics to cater to women at every stage of her life. The Zuzu Luxe  collection was created for the bright-eyed beauty bohemian who craves color and is looking to make a statement while keeping her health in mind. Complete with flirty, edgy tones with a mixture of matte and shimmer, Zuzu Luxe is an all-natural, gluten free, vegan cosmetic line that gives a new definition to glamour. The Gabriel Color collection was designed with the discerning woman in mind who tends to choose more conservative, sophisticated styles. This collection is a delicate and refined vegan, gluten free cosmetic line made up of natural, earth tones and beautiful color palettes, which ultimately create mistake proof beauty. Clean Kids Naturally is an all-natural children’s personal care system that includes shampoo, detangler, foaming liquid soap, and bubble bath. Gabriel Cosmetics rounds out the collection with the foundation of the company, Gabriel Organics, USDA certified Organic; a system that harnesses the power of the sea including seaweed, fennel and minerals to create a system designed to regenerate and revitalize the health of the skin.

Guest Blog Post: What is your skin tone?

We thought we would feature a Guest Blog Post monthly by a professional in the beauty industry.  This month is brought to by the lovely Maggie Wendt, our local professional makeup artist that works on various Gabriel Cosmetics projects.

What is your skin tone?

Determining your skin tone can put an end to what colors to pick when shopping for cosmetics or clothing items.

Skin tones fall into three classifications: WARM, COOL or NEUTRAL

Selecting the right colors based on your skin tone can add so much to your overall appearance. The right color can add sparkle to your overall being and complexion while the wrong color can leave you looking dull and your complexion washed out.

Here are a few easy steps to help you determine your skin tone.

Vein test – in a natural light, look at the inside of your wrist; if the veins appear greenish this indicates you have yellow undertones and thus would have a warm skin tone. Veins that appear to be more bluish indicate a cool skin tone.

Pony tail test – pull all your hair back away from the face in a pony tail or with a headband and thoroughly cleanse the face. Place a white towel or cloth around your neck and shoulders, if you face looks more yellow this would indicate a warm skin tone, whereas a bluish reflection would mean a cool skin tone.

Silver/Gold test – If you think you look better in gold than silver, this indicates a warm skin tone. People with cool skin tones usually look better in silver. Additionally, you can use a gold and silver cloth for this test, hold a swatch of gold fabric under the chin, does it make you look healthy, ashen or neither. Try the same with silver fabric, what do you see? A bluish hue or yellow undertones?

Cool Skin Tone – Consider rich, true colors. These would include black, navy, red, shocking pink, rich raspberries, deep emerald greens, royal blue, plums or pure black. Additionally wear icy tones instead of pastels for a lighter color. Cool skin tones should avoid beige, orange and gold.

Warm Skin Tone– Consider earth colors either crisp or muted. Normally those with a warm skin tone look great in sage greens, gold, mochas, and bronzes. For a softer color try peach, apricot yellow.

Neutral Skin Tone – Luckily for you, all colors will look good however, as indicated above most neutral skin tones will sway one way or another, so while a warm color may look great on you a cool color may look fabulous.

Here are a few color graphs to help you see what colors you can choose from on your next cosmetics purchase or wardrobe update.

cool and warm makeup chart

warm vs cool

Face It! by Maggie

You’re Worth It

Makeup Tips for your Fifties


1.     Brighten your eyes.  All women as we get older should use a little eyeliner.  Don’t go too thick and apply it above top lashes.  Or you can do a fine line and smudge it out (Gabriel Color Eye Liner $12.00/ZuZu Luxe Eye Liner $13.80).  For a softer look try using an eye shadow with angled brush along the lash line (Gabriel Eye Shadow $13.55/ZuZu Luxe Eye Shadow $15.25).

2.    Less is more lip liner.  Using too much lip liner has an aging effect that you want to avoid.  When choosing a lip liner go with a neutral shade (Gabriel Nutmeg Lip Liner $12.00/ZuZu Luxe Fresh or Innocence Lip Liner $13.80).

3.    Hint of color.  Glosses make lips look moist but after a certain age you want add some color to your lips.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match lipsticks with a lip gloss which will give lips a fuller effect (Gabriel Lipstick/Lip Gloss $16.75 and ZuZu Luxe Lipstick/Lip Gloss $18.15).

4.    Stick to natural.  Stay clear of shadows with glitter and metallic.  These frosted shades can cause the eyes to look more aged and wrinkled.  Stick to softer more natural eye shadow shades (Gabriel Color Eye Shadow $13.55).

5.    Contour to flatter.  Jaw line and neck can be problem areas for some of us.  Using a darker color (2-3 shades darker than foundation) to shadow and contour under the chin and onto neck.  Or you can use a highlighting color to lift the face by applying below bottom of cheek and above the jaw line (Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation $26.35/ZuZu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation $28.30).

Get This Spring Trend Look!

Norman Scott/startraksphoto

Norman Scott/startraksphoto

The trend for Spring 2013 is blue eye liner and blue eye shadow.  We love Rachel Zoe, did you see her blue eye liner on The Rachel Zoe Project?  Blue eye liner is amazing since it makes your eyes pop even if you don’t have blue eyes!  With so many different shades of blue the possibilities are endless.  The look couldn’t be easier to create. Try keeping your eye nude by using Platinum eye shadow and then line with liquid liner like our Azure.  If you’d rather use a pencil South Pacific or Ocean would do the trick as well!


For a look that makes you stand out from the crowd try using blue eye shadow this season.  Try blending several shades to build the look.  ZuZu Luxe’s Calypso and Breeze are used on the model above.  When trying this trend for yourself don’t be afraid to experiment with all different shades of blue (turquoise, navy, sapphire, cyan).  Remember the look is bright, bold and to make your eyes pop!

Oceanid Collection


Gabriel Cosmetics is proud to announce that this spring 2013, we will introduce The Oceanid Collection, a myriad of eclectic shades drawing from the freshness of the spring season and the beauty and delicateness of the sea as the collective inspiration. The color palette embodies the movement, life and serenity of the sea with the empowerment of the Oceanids, the 3,000 daughters of the Titans according to Greek mythology.

The collection includes the Sunset blush, three eye shadows including the new Calypso and Breeze, Platinum eye shadow, the Azure liquid eyeliner, Navy mascara, Fresh lip liner, and Crystal lip gloss.

Gabriel Cosmetics was founded on a principal of nature, committed to developing all-natural beauty products that bring life to makeup through ingredients, color and application. We ask that you join us on this journey through nature — past, present and future and Go Goddess this spring with the Oceanid Collection by Gabriel Cosmetics.

Go to our Twitter to Enter to Win our NEW Oceanid Collection

Color of 2013: Emerald

ornelia-7625 (1)

Makeup Artist credit Karim Orange

Emerald Green is the trendy hue of the year.  You will see this color everywhere from fashion, home decor, cosmetics, and accessories. This bold color suggests gems, money, success, growth, and The Emerald City in “The Wizard of Oz”.  How will you integrate this lush and vibrant color into your beauty routine?  Here’s how to create ZuZu Luxe’s emerald eyes pictured above, from talented makeup artist Karim Orange:

Iguana eyeliner was used all over the eyelid.  Also Casino eye shadow was used very lightly where the green stops but not extended to brow area.  Lastly Leaf eyeliner along the water line.  The rest of the palette was created using L-21 Oil-Free Liquid Foundation, Sunset Blush, Cappuccino Lipliner, and Mischief Lip Gloss in the center of lips.

We would love to see your Emerald makeup creations using our products on any of our social media sites.  Post yours today:

fblogosmall instagram-iconsmall pinterestsmall twitter_iconsmall

social media card


Full and shaped brows can frame the face and give you a more youthful look.


1. Hold a pencil vertically against your nose and pluck stray hair to the right of it. Switch the pencil to the other side of your nose and repeat.

2. For the arch, hold your pencil again, but now angle it diagonally over the center of your iris. Your ideal brow high point is where the pencil hits the brow. Tweeze just three or four hairs from underneath to enhance the arch.

3. For the right length, place a pencil diagonally from the base of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Where the pencil and brow bone meet is where your brow should end.


Feather your ZuZu Luxe Cream Brow Pencil into the hairs of the brow, defining your shape.  Finish with the ZuZu Luxe Clear Brow + ZuZu Luxe Clear Mascara Lash Conditioner to hold the shape in place.

Mascara Q&A

Do you ever recommend using a primer before applying mascara? Why didn’t you include one in your cosmetic lines?

Most have synthetic fibers that may be harmful to the delicate eye; however I would recommend our Clear Mascara, which coats the lashes and makes them appear fuller.

What are the major benefits with going with an all-natural mascara?

You are avoiding harsh chemicals found in mass-market mascaras. Ours helps promote healthy lash growth from vitamins and herbal extracts instead of mascara with synthetic fibers that just mimic.

Related Products:

Gabriel Color Mascara $15.20


Gentle and non-irritating formula with vitamin B-5 to lengthen and thicken lashes without clumping or smudging. Specially designed brush expertly defines, separates and creates maximum volume. Natural plant waxes and vitamins have been added for superior conditioning and protection for full healthy lashes.

Available Colors: Black, Black Brown




Zuzu Luxe Mascara $16.20


Designed to add some wattage to your wink! Clear Mascara conditions lashes to create a natural look or tame wild brows. .25oz/7.5ml

This gentle and non-irritating formula enriched with vitamins and herbal extracts will help protect each fragile eyelash and encourage maximum growth. The luxurious nylon brush is especially designed to add length while being clump proof and non-smudging. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

To make eyes really intense, apply multiple coats of ZuZu Luxe Mascara to the top lashes, stroking upward and to the very tip, then sweep the shade along lower lashes. Best used with our Brow/Lash Brush to separate the lashes eliminating any flakes or clumps.

Available Colors: Onyx, Espresso, Navy, Clear