Numerous studies have proven the rejuvenating and healing qualities of sea-derived ingredients, and Gabriel Organics is a pioneer in bringing these beneficial ingredients to you.

At the same time, Gabriel Organics uses 100% natural ingredients – plant oils, extracts from the sea, botanicals and never any harsh ingredients, or artificial preservatives, fragrances or colors.  As a result, our high quality products are non-allergenic and fragrance-free, ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Rosmarinus officinalis is a common ingredient that you will find in our Gabriel Organics Skin Care line. The name “Rosemary” is derived from Latin meaning dew of the sea, how fitting! This ingredient is rich in antioxidants providing skin with a multitude of benefits and improving skin quality. Other reasons why Gabriel Cosmetics uses rosemary in its skincare is because it increases micro-circulation, reduces inflammation, tightens pores and increases cell renewal, all why acting as a natural preservative.

In addition to promoting youthful skin, this herb is also known for having positive effects on your health. It contains substances that stimulates the immune system, improves digestion and increases circulation. Also it is pleasantly aromatic and has naturally antidepressant uplifting and balancing effects.

Rosemary also has a rich history as a medicinal herb, and at one point was even a symbol of love. What’s not to love?




Switch up your skin care regimen for fall.


Sadly summer is over but now is the perfect time to switch up your skin care regimen!  Summer took its toll on your skin while it saw the sun, sweat, salt water and chlorine.

First things first, for both body and face choose a different cleanser. You will want one that is gentle yet gives you a higher moisture level. Your skin is probably drier due to all the sun, sweat and chlorine.

Be aware that you should also exfoliate at least once a week. Some people think they need to scrub their face with a brush or washcloth.  We at Gabriel Cosmetics always believe that natural is best, so look for alternatives to a face scrub that contains synthetic micro beads. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells and allow bright, healthy skin to show through.

Now let’s discuss moisturizing. If your skin dries out during cold months, think about changing your moisturizer.  If it gets extremely dry during the colder seasons, start applying your moisturizer right before you sleep. Even if your skin type is oily you can benefit from moisturizer, just choose one made for that skin type.  For extra dry skin try using a hydrating mist for added moisture.

Lastly, drink plenty of water and protect your skin with sunscreen.  Your skin still needs protection even though it’s no longer summer time.

Give the extra love and attention that your skin deserves this fall and you’ll be thankful once winter hits!



Gabriel’s Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

My next business trip takes me to Paris!  I will be attending a very exciting conference called MAKEUP PARIS.   Check in to our Twitter June 20th & 21st when I will be at this event. I will be learning about new ingredients, innovations and trends that I can incorporate into future products at GCI!  Traveling abroad is completely different than traveling in the US, so I thought I’d share some of my travelling trips that I’ve learned over the years.

Style – I like to look stylish and fresh from the time I board the plane to the moment I arrive at my destination.  I love a good pair of black fitted jeans (not too tight for long flights) and black V neck tee (or turtleneck) and noir cowboy boots that can easily slide on and off (think security check points!).  My scarf and signature ZZL beanie are a must!  The former keeps me warm during the flight and the latter makes sure my hair is presentable after napping during the flight.  Don’t forget your oversized lunettes de soleil which hide tired eyes.

Luggage:  I only take two carry ons; my computer bag (which besides holding my computer has last minute paperwork and magazines) and my back pack (which holds tickets, passport, organic sprouted almonds and BEAUTY ESSENTIALS).  Partial list to follow;

Moisturize – Flying and climate changes can dry out your skin; I always pack my Marine Anti Aging Cream (which doubles up as a luxurious hand treatment) and Lip RX to keep my skin and lips moisturized.

Skip the soft drinks and alcohol (as it is known to dehydrate your entire body) and indulge in plenty of water.  You will be on the ground soon and a cocktail bar not too far away to start your holiday!

Fresh – To freshen up I like to spritz our Sea Mineral Hydra Mist for a quick burst of hydration on my skin.  The fresh scent is welcomed after sitting in stale plane air or travelling long distances by car.

I can’t wait for Paris in a few days and enjoy a European lifestyle full of frommage, champagne, facials and ART!

Be sure to check our Instagram for pics and visit Ask G for a complete list of my “Travel Beauty Essentials”.

Rester Belle !


Makeup Tips for your Twenties

Makeup Tips for your twenties


Maggie’s 5 tips to looking after your skin

This is a great blog from one of our makeup artists Maggie on taking care of your skin!

1. Nutrition

Nutrition is at the top of my list, why? Simply because our bodies need fuel in helping  everything function and work as one, including our skin. We can control a lot of what our skin does just by simply understanding what foods work for us. 1. Vitamins A,E, and C are just a few of the great sources in keeping the skin looking vibrant and healthy. 2. Minerals are as important for the skin as they are for the body and brain. here is a link to help you understand what minerals and vitamins can help you with.

2. Hydrate

It’s easy, it’s free and it’s super important to keeping the skin looking plumped and glowing.  However, did you also know that water is one of the most important things you can intake to help your body function properly according to Chinese medicine. Like Western medicine, you can’t live without it. They both view water at least 70% of the human body and roughly 80% of your blood. Western medicine focuses on the kidneys and the bladder as the critical organs involved in water processing in the body. Eastern medicine according to the laws of the Five Elements water is the element through which all our power and energy is derived it is in charge of our growth and development, our bones, our brains our courage and our Will. This is only a portion of what Eastern medicine believes water function helps with the body. So drink water and consume lots of vegetables and fruit to keep the body and skin feeling and looking it’s best everything coexists together and water helps flush and move everything through our systems.

3. Sweating

Sweating by working out  helps the body purge out toxins that can clog pores and plague your skin with pimples and blemishes. Just remember after you have worked out to wash your face or take a shower to help prevent bacterial or fungal infections that may occur from dirt clogging up your pores. Toning the muscles beneath the skin helps the skin feel and look firmer and elastic in appearance. Toning your muscles may also help to minimize the appearance of cellulite. When you exercise it also increases the blood flow within your body which in return brings circulation up towards the skin which helps carry nutrients throughout the body and in return improves your skin health. And let’s not forget that working out help relieve tension and stress. Sauna’s

Sweating in a sauna is another great way to purge the body of toxins…but knowing how to use a sauna is important so you don’t get sick.  Here is a link to help you understand how to use a sauna. Benefits of using a sauna are immense. Here is another great link to showcase what sweating in sauna’s can help improve when it comes to body and skin health.

4. Rest/Pamper

Yup, the correct amount of body, mind and spirit rest is as important as eating or hydrating. You work Monday -Sunday either in your career or as family or friend and all of interaction can create stress on all levels. It’s important to take time out for yourself by yourself. Get a massage, facials, sleep or run a bath for yourself with NO ONE around and relax is so vital for the body and mind to rejuvenate.

Stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes the skin more sensitive and reactive. Skin problems can worsen  and may also react even more to specific foods or environment elements and top of all of that, skin stress can create more stress. Go figure that one. :O Yes your kids, career husband or wife are extremely important but what  good are you if you not fully energized and ready to be 100% present with them. Take the time out for you.

5.  Skin Care Treatments

You probably would have thought skin care treatments would be at the top of my list of things to do to ensure great skin. Well in some cases yes, if you have severe skin problems then seeing a dermatologist should be at the top of your list. However, if that’s not the case, then no, skin care treatments like at home masks, cleanser, toners, serums and lotions are at the bottom of the list. These products are all to help and enhance what is going on natural with your skin. So getting facials and peels are all a part of what your skin is doing naturally. Having a cleanser, toner, serum and lotion are all important products to have for taking care of your skin morning, noon and night.

1. Cleansers are to help the skin be clean by removing dirt, sweat, excess sebum (oils naturally produced by the skin), cosmetics, dead skin cells, bacteria, and any pollutants that come in contact with your skin. Cleansers are much gentler than soap, so all of you that wash your face with hand soap, NOT a good idea. 2. A lot of people I know skip the step of adding a toner to their facial cleansing regimen. It is a very important step because it helps restore the PHbalance in your skin. Which basically means the level acidity. You face need a certain amount of oil to stay waterproof and resistant to infection. Here are 6 reasons on why you should add a toner to your facial cleansing routine. a. Returns your ph balance. b. Helps shrink pours. c. it adds a layer of protection d. It moisturizes e. It refreshes the skin f. It also can percent ingrown hairs. 3. Serums one of the most modern skincare inventions, can really make that extra boost in relatively short period. They are usually water or oiled based and they have a gel-like feel to them. Serums are able to penetrate into all three layers of the skin quickly and effectively because it is made of really small molecules. Serums can me be made for under eyes, face or neck so you’ll need to decide on what you want to use it on. Use your serum after you have cleansed and toned. 4.  Moisturizer is the last product in the processes of your daily facial care. Moisturizers help restore moisture, give back vitamins, and may also contain SPF to help protect from UV rays.

There are a lot of different types of moisturizers on the market, use the brand/product that will target what you’re looking to improve or maintain. For example, fight wrinkles, aging skin, dry or oily skin.

Here are a few of my favorite Facial care companies.
1. Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. –
2. DeVita Natural Skin Care –
5. proactive –|1026596|proactive||S|e|22448738538&cid=cov183p260316                                                                                                                                                                                                       04/2013 Face It! by Maggie You’re Worth It

The perfect travel companions!

The following 4 skincare items now come in 2oz travel sizes and are available on our website!


Sea Fennel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 2oz           



Sea Mineral Tonic 2oz



Red Seaweed Purifying Tonic 2oz



Sea Fennel Firming Tonic 2oz


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine





We love this healthy salad that is good for you inside and out!




A tasty salad full of all the skin-essentials with a dressing that looks like a beauty spa facial mask, that is so good you’ll want to eat this mask instead! After all, beauty happens from the inside out.


2 handfuls of  spinach
1 carrot, grated or shredded
2 radishes, sliced paper thin with a mandolin
2 small cucumbers (peeled if not organic) sliced in half lengthways
1 small red onion, sliced very thin with a mandolin
3 limes, juiced
1  avocado
1 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
1 pinch of cayenne pepper
1 tsp  honey
1 handful of fresh soft herbs(works best with dill, cilantro or basil leaves)
¼ tsp unrefined sea salt


1. Put the sliced onion in a small bowl with the lime juice to soak for at least 10 minutes. If you do this ahead of time, leaving it to soak for an hour…

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